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Hailun The ESCS-PCS pipe cleaning and rehabilitation system again boast some of the best technology in the industry. Our range of specially designed cleaners are designed to overcome the issues in removing internal deposits formed in water pipes, gas pipes and cable ducts.

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ESCS-PCS offer a range of disinfection equipment and Huwa-San as a complete disinfection solution. Viru-San was created by ESCS-PCS in response to the global pandemic of Covid-19. Our extensive industry, chemical knowledge and partnership with global disinfection leaders – Huwa-San has uniquely positioned ESCS-PCS to be at the forefront of this rapidly growing and demanding…

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ESCS-PCS are an approved applicator and Distributor of Huwa-San disinfection products. Tested around the world to the very highest standards Including EN14476 & AFNOR NF T 72-281 against Encapsulated viruses. Huwa-San can be sprayed, fogged or atomised for effective air and surface disinfection and is still effective at temperatures of 0⁰C – 95⁰C. Huwa-San is…

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